I am Rachel Figueroa-Levin. (wow that opening sentence was profound!). I eat peanut butter out of the jar, drink way too much coffee, and I’m very loud. But for some reason I’m quite lovable (except to those who hate me). I like to use parenthesis (they make me happy), and I like gramatical errors and run-on sentences.  I have the attention span of a fruit-fly, so bear that in mind as you read this and my other blog pos….oooooh shiny!

I make soap (under the brand Soap And Trouble). I also teach Babywearing and lead new parent support discussions at Urban Babywearing! Hooray for keeping busy!

I also get into trouble. A lot. I can’t help it. Said trouble includes:

making fun of the mayor

hyperlocal blogging



challenging the stoller centric status-quo

writing (for the likes of NBC Latino, Kveller, Geekcentricity, AMNewYork, and more) about life, parenting, politics, geekery food, and religion.

On the personal side…

I’m married to: 

Mike Levin: We met on the subway in 2006. He asked me if I had a pen. I asked him if he was Jewish. 2 weeks later we (and his cats) were living together. Then we eloped. The rest is history.

His cats still haven’t forgiven me for moving in.

I’m mom to:

Adi: Since emerging into the world in November of 2010 Adi has been the center of our (and everybody else’s) universe. Mike and I are apparently really freaking awesome at creating humans.

I’m canine mom to:

Cecil: Cecil is our ever loyal Bouvier des Flandres dog. His family tree goes farther back than mine. Rebelling against his champion and best in show ancestry, Cecil and his unrepentantly uncropped ears became a cat and toddler herder in Northern Manhattan, and even received 5 votes in a State Senate election.

They say after a while you start to look like your dog

They say after a while you start to look like your dog