I started making natural vegetable glycerine based soaps and dead sea bath salts as an experiment to feed my chemistry and #maker addictions when I was very pregnant (and very immobile). Once Adi was born, my soap making experiments turned into a full-on hobby to keep busy during nap time.

peppermint melon

peppermint melon

I now sell my soap online, at shops and special events, and at (usually Jewish) fundraisers. I also make mango butter bath melts,dead sea bath salts,  fizzy dead sea bath salts (like a theraputic dead sea bath bomb powder in a jar), and shaving bars. But I’m taking it slow. It’s just a hobby, and I can’t have it cutting into time with my family, writing, social media work, or teaching. That being said, when I go on a soap making kick I’ll produce enough to stock a bunch of fairs and keep an online store going. :-)

If want to use my soaps as shower/wedding/event favors, or want to buy wholesale, contact me at

I make all my soaps in small micro-batches in my kitchen (micro batches are a maximum of twelve bars at a time, often smaller quantities) so each bar is literally hand made with love <3 And now that my now toddler has opinions, I’m letting her mix oils and make her own creations. Wasabi watermelons is all her. :-)

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