The television of my youth is dumber than I remember…

I’ve rediscovered the television of my youth on Netflix, and right now I’m watching the Power Rangers episode where Rita ruins a cultural food festival in California by sending down a pig monster that’s just a giant head with arms and legs in a roman helmet to eat all the food on earth. So now the Power Rangers (who were involved in a food fight earlier that day) have to clean up the cafeteria and save the planet before the principal (whose toupee gets lost in the culinary melee) gets back. And the obese guy who ironically runs the gym and juice bar gets covered in pie. Again. And the pig monster is defeated (when he vomits up the previously ingested rangers’ weapons) by eating מָרוֹר. And then the nebbishy robot makes sandwiches fpr everyone.

Freaking Israelis …. Amiright?

(repost from my old site)